Aydin Momtaz

The Persian Proud

I was born in New Jersey, USA, to my Spanish mother and my Iranian father, who are my biggest role models. We moved to Iran before the revolution. I grew up there during the Iran-Iraq war.

At the age of 19, we moved to London, UK, where I was scouted by Storm modeling agency which was one of the biggest modeling agencies at the time and as they say, the rest is history.

I immediately started traveling to all the major European fashion capitals doing Editorials and fashion shows, working with biggest brands and photographers. But soon my love for traveling and experiencing new things led me to travel to “lesser known” markets and I started working all around South East Asia, China, Australia, sub-continent and The Middle East. I currently live in Dubai as it is right in between Europe and Asia, and it’s much easier for me to travel to them for shows, shoots, and projects.

I have been doing this job for 22 years now and have loved every single day of it. I won’t change a thing, not a single moment of it.

I have worked with some of the biggest designers, photographers, magazines and commercial brands in the world. From Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, D’Squared, to Sony, Toyota, Emirates airlines and hundreds more.

I am extremely proud of both my nationalities, Spanish and Iranian. But I tell people I am Iranian as, due to media propaganda, most people around the world have a wrong view of Iran and Iranian, and I think what I do gives them a different point of view of Iran, and makes them understand Iranians are very progressive, modern and open-minded people.

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