Firooz Zahedi

My Elizabeth

Firooz Zahedi Born in Tehran, Iran in 1949, he grew up in England. In 1969 he came to the US to study at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. After graduating he served as a diplomat for a while but he resigned to enroll at the Corcoran School of Art to pursue the arts for which he always had a deep passion.

At school he took several courses in Fine Art photography. Whilst still a student he had the good fortune of being befriended by Andy Warhol who encouraged him to take photographs for Interview magazine. A few years later he was hired to photograph his friend Elizabeth Taylor on a film set in Hollywood.

In 1976, Mr. Zahedi and Elizabeth Taylor traveled to Iran together. They visited many of the famed tourist sites such as ancient Persepolis, Shiraz, and Isfahan.

Having always been fascinated by movies he realized that this was where he wanted to stay work. He has succeeded in becoming one of the most established photographers in Hollywood. Besides numerous award winning advertising & publicity campaigns for major films & television shows as well as album covers for the likes of Barbra Streisand he has also shot for clients ranging from L’Oreal to Coca Cola & Nokia. He has also been a contributing photographer to a variety of magazines & has shot covers for such publications as Vanity Fair. Glamour, Town & Country, Time & In Style. 

Besides portraits Firooz has shot interiors for such publications as Elle Decor. H6 8. House Beautiful. His images of flowers have been exhibited at various galleries & he continues to search for new subjects to photograph.

I am equally passionate about photographing that which is highly stylized and scripted as I am photographing that which is not. I believe there is an abundance of beauty & poetry in simple things we take for granted & I believe that there are great stories to be discovered in things that have been abandoned & neglected.”

Find out more about Mr. Zahedi on his official website.