Khosrow Azarpour

AZ Fine Art Gallery

Khosrow Azarpour was born and raised in the ancient city of Hamedan, in the west of Iran. His great grandfather was an official royal artist, painting at the order of the King of Persia. Thus, painting has been in the family’s blood and gene! However, his father always opposed Khosrow picking up painting as his career and wanted him to become an engineer instead. He finished high school and entered university. After graduation as an agricultural engineer, he entered the job market. It was then that he was able to dedicate more time to his passion for art. He was taught the principles of painting by a master who himself had learned painting in Russia. 

After Iran’s revolution he moved to France and lived there for a while. In 1986 he Immigrated to the United States. Khosrow joined San Francisco Academy of Arts in 2007, while creating many pieces of arts in the meantime, mostly reflecting his life experience and background.

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Photography by ONYX