King Raam

The Universal Language

Raam is an Iranian musician who is currently based in Vancouver. He started his musical career as the singer/songwriter/founder of Hypernova, a post-punk band in New York, which was born in the undergrounds of Tehran in the early 2000’s. After some modest success with Hypernova, he decided to pursue a solo career under the name of “King Raam.” After several years of adventures between Toronto, New York, London and Los Angeles, Raam has finally returned to his motherland in order to pursue his musical career. The progressive nature of the modern Iranian society, led by the younger generation, has ushered a new era of creativity.

Raam was born in the coastal city of Bushehr, Iran, and moved to Eugene on the West Coast of the United States with his family at a young age. Raam would return to Iran in the 90s, where he lived as a teenager in Tehran. He later immigrated to Canada in 1998 to try his luck at college life. His fragile eggshell mind, however, would not settle for the calm of the classroom, so he set out on a journey to find his calling, which was the founding of Hypernova, the first rock band to come from Iran to get signed and tour with big acts around the world. Pioneering the Iranian rock movement and exposing a different side of the axis of evil, with a great deal of international press behind them, Hypernova led a new generation of aspiring underground Iranian artists eager to share their music with the world. In 2008, Hypernova toured North America in support of goth legends the Sisters of Mercy, their song Viva La Resistance  is featured on the blockbuster video game Rock Band 3, and they performed at the Pangea Day Festival sponsored by the TED conference.

Raam launched his solo career in 2011 with  Songs of the Wolves, a personal and sincere album of love and loss. With the help of Persian poet/author Tara Aghdashloo, who wrote lyrics for the album, Raam expanded his musical horizons singing in his native Persian language for the first time. The success of the album was a pleasant surprise for everyone. It was a reaffirmation that there is a legitimate demand for an alternative sound in the Iranian music scene. He recorded his sophomore follow up The Vulture in 2013. His third EP “A Day & A Year” was recorded in Tehran and was followed up by a successful North American and European tour. His band is currently working on their latest album set for release in December of 2016., Find out more about King Raam on Instagram @kingraam

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King Raam Requiem feat. Ali Eskandarian Johnny Azari & Esfand

Dedicated to Kavous Seyed Emami

In loving memory of Ali Eskandarian