Leila Fazlikhani

Pay attention to your body

The idea of this collection first struck her mind in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when studying and evidence showed that the most common involved organ were lungs so Leila formed her first Art work around this vital Organ “The Lungs”. Gradually she started to shift her focus on other vital yet vulnerable organs like, Heart, brain even bowel, organs we sometimes don’t pay attention they deserve.

In her latest work she have done a collage art comprising of 9 pieces focused on human body organs and issues relevant to them. Hoping that each human being, prioritizing their health and body experience life in a higher quality.

Leila Fazlikhani

Art Director, Graphic Designer, Painter

Graduated in graphic design. Started career in advertising agency during the college, and pursued painting professionally on the side.

In 2019 after a career of 15 years in advertising industry, she felt drawn towards the artistic aspects of graphics, collage art in particular. In the beginning of 2020 she created her first collection of collage art “Pay attention to your body”. 

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