Leila Refahi

Suspended Life

In my works I’m focusing on environment and the intimidating behavior of man against nature and animals, by extending the concept of nature in a surreal atmosphere I’ll try unify various concept in a multi-layered approach.

In continuation of the previous track of my works, in this series I have dealt with other aspects of environmental issues.

“Endangered Animals”

The loss is irreversible, and the human footprint is clear through it.

Suspension plays an important role in my works. Here suspension is an instant between being and vanishing. An instant that is stabilized.

Leila Refahi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1985. Refahi completed B.A and M.A in painting at the Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran in 2007 and 2010.

She works in the medium of painting and drawing. In addition to four solo shows (in Tehran at Vali Art Gallery and Not Art Gallery) her paintings have been shown in more than thirty national and international group exhibitions and festivals.

Refahi has been teaching at Art and Architecture university of Tehran since 2011.

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