Melissa Shoshahi

Stand-up Comedian/Actress/Writer

Melissa Shoshahi is an Iranian-American stand-up comedian, actress and writer. She tours all over the country and world, bringing her witty personality to the stage and knows no limits when it comes to comedy – culture, politics, race and gender are all fair game. Famous for her spot-on Kim Kardashian impression, Shoshahi originally hails from Seattle, Washington and has been doing stand-up comedy for 9 years.

She has been featured on Laughs on FOX, All Def Digital, Fusion TV, Nickelodeon and has acted in a myriad of independent films. She can currently be seen touring with comedian Max Amini and K-Von, to name a few. Shoshahi has accumulated millions of views online with sketches and stand-up clips that have gone viral. She also uses her platform to raise awareness about epilepsy.

Follow Melissa on Instagram @melshoshahi and check out her YouTube channel.

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