Nanda Sharif-pour

Visual Artist

Painting has always been my greatest passion amongst all other forms of Art. Within painting, I am especially interested in human figures as they are the focus or sole of my pieces. I believe that Figurative Art, with its thousands of years of history, will always have something to illustrate to the world. In my work, I try to find ties between historical or ancient art and more contemporary art. My concentration is usually on female figures. Not because women have been drawn and painted in art history the most, but because as a female artist, I feel myself closer to women’s feelings and emotions. More importantly though, I come from a country where due to its cultural and sociological background, there is a lot unsaid about women. Especially the ideology that women are strongly prohibited from expressing their emotions when it comes to the feminine aspect of personality. Thus, my art becomes a reaction to make up for the absence or silence.

My paintings portray an emotional time, which most viewers have dealt with or experienced themselves at least once during their lives. The figures are often painted in an empty, mute, and to some extent, artificial atmosphere where there are only a few icons to convey the message or theme. This atmosphere also contributes to the emphasis of the metaphors contained in the works. Perhaps this feeling of alienation between my figures and their surrounding space can be attributed to the same feelings that I also previously experienced in my home country.

Usually, my pieces include series of perceptions which stimulate the human’s mind.

They create a dialogue that challenges mind beyond ordinary, and reflect new concepts and/or feelings. The mentioned experience happens, especially when an unexpected element enters into the world of predictable series of events. At this point, the viewer’s mind experiences a new level of excitement as it tries to discover the mystery of relationship between the different events in the artwork.

“Eastern Women” Triptyque Oil on canvas, 2011, 110″x50″

“Ethereal Woman” Two from series of Three. Oil on Canvas, 2015, 36″x48″

“Cold Heat”, Exclusive at Sin City Gallery, Oil on Canvas, 2015, 12″x18″

“Pomegranate” Oil on Canvas, 2015 48″x48″

Nanda Sharif-pour 
(Born in Tehran-Iran. Currently resides in Las Vegas-United States.)

My name is Nanda Sharif-pour. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts/Illustration from Azad University of Art and Architecture (Tehran Branch). My education and work experience in the art field began in 1997. Since then, I have participated in forty two (42) shows in the United States, Turkey and Iran. I began teaching art professionally at the Vocational University in Tehran in 2005. After having moved to the United States, I began employment as a Part-Time Instructor in the Fine Arts Department at UNLV in 2013.

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