Sahar Shams

Character Designer

Sahar Shams is a character designer and illustrator studying, working and living in San Francisco, California. She holds a BA in painting, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Visual Development from the Academy of Art university. She has worked as a Layout Artist, Concept Artist and Character Designer for animation movies at the Takam film company from 2010 to 2014.
She has also illustrated many children books, having her first book published at the young age of 15. she is currently working freelance on different projects in San Francisco such as “Off sprung” (book) and “I wanna change my job!” (animation)

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. When I turned 13, I was pretty sure that I had mastered character design and illustration. I could draw funny little bunnies and color them in photoshop! Wasn’t that everything? Another 13 years have passed and in that time I have worked for several companies, and I am now studying for my masters in (use your actual major). Now I know that there is Always, I mean Always something more I can learn. Every day, every project, is an awesome experience to challenge myself with what I’ve learned so far and a chance to learn something more.

You can follow Sahar on Instagram or find out more on her official website.