Amy Talebizadeh

Actress/Model/Designer/Business Developer

Only in Los Angeles is where you’ll find such a mix such as Amy Talebizadeh.

Born to a Persian father and a Latin mother on January 2nd, 1986 –  Amy grew up near Hollywood and often dreamt of being a famous actress.

She studied art and theatre in her adolescents but eventually found her place in the field of design. In 2010 she worked in retail with America’s top producing clothing manufacture – American Apparel.

As one of the companies leading developers, Amy brought in new categories such as leather, jewelry and the award winning design of the ‘Dog Hoodie.’

Her contributions produced over 10 million in revenue for the company during her period until late 2013.

In 2014, Amy began pursuing a new business opportunity within private equity where she continues to develop and strategize for an ever changing future.

You can follow Amy on Instagram @aimi_taiki

Photo by Brian Barreto

American Apparel, Photography by Samantha Garritano

Photography by Ray John Pila, Make-Up and Hair: Yolanda Price & Male Model: Allen Clippinger