Melieka Fathi


Melieka Fathi is a young Iranian-American choreographer, instructor, and performer of Persian, Sufi, and Middle Eastern/Silk Road dance. As the American-born daughter of Iranian immigrants, she discovered a deep passion for embracing her cultural identity through the dance, music, poetry, and language of her parent’s homeland. She began her artistic journey at a very early age; receiving formal training in Persian dance under masters Niosha Nafei and Shahrzad Khorsandi in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her personal dance style is what she refers to as a fusion of her background and her connection to dance and culture.

Melieka sees her passion as not only an expression of art, but a powerful catalyst for Cross-Cultural and Transformative communication as well. As an Iranian-American individual and most importantly as a member of the youth generation, Melieka strives to inform and expand upon her cultural identity and the importance of preserving the Iranian heritage, especially here in the U.S.

In addition to her work in the arts, Melieka is currently an undergraduate student at Chapman University in Southern California.

Follow Melieka on Instagram: @melieka_dance